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Why is fair trade important?

We normally go about our business without giving much notice whether something is made with ethically and with fair trade practices. It is well documented that big corporations pay pittance for their clothing articles only to be sold at a great profit in the high street. So, why should the average punter care?

It affects us

Even though it may seem these practices should be irrelevant to us, they do affect us. Let’s imagine a world in which people don’t care about fair practices. That world will be formed of the “have’s” and the “have not’s” to an extreme as it was in years gone by.

In that world the ‘have not’s’ never progress and they are subjugated to lack of education, or skills or fair living. How does that affect us I hear you ask? Well, quite simply the only way in which the world can improve is by having a more homogeneous society. This is not ‘green’ talk or part of a socialist agenda. You can see it in our own society.

Even though there may be many wealthy people, we can grow better when we are a more homogenous society. Our society is more level than it was 200 years ago and as a consequence Britain is still a very economically powerful country, even if the empire has faded away.

Better products

Another reason is purely selfish: by having trained and professional people making our products we will have better products. We all know and recognise those crafts created by artisans with little more than their creativity and hands.

Let’s face it some of them are pretty but they usually are of very poor quality. They have not been trained or taught skills which would make their products better. It is encumbent on us to get better quality products and to make improvements to our product range by improving the skills of our workers.

Building a local brand for your jewellery business

I have written on this subject before and do so again now as it has become even more important. The issue on hand is retailer versus product brands. Time and again I get so disillusioned by the careless way that retailers deal with their brand name.

People who have been in situ building a reputation for decades and it’s as if they do not appreciate the value of their brands for the local population. They would rather advertise the brands from certain products than their own brand, in the mistaken belief that they are more powerful. It’s as if Tesco would mainly advertise the product range they stock rather than their own brand…..never!

How do you build a local brand? There is a load of material written on this subject and, for sure, it is not by just sitting behind the counter waiting for customers to come in. It does involve spending money and doing activities which attract the local population and which are relevant to your business.

In the mean time we should say that Marjo is just for those retailers that prefer to use their own carefully nurtured brand and keep the jewellery products they sell under their umbrella. We will not ask you to merchandise in certain way or use our displays or packaging only to turn around and compete with you tomorrow……

It’s the fault of the supplier

How often have we been in a situation where we are facing a customer whose business is performing less than acceptably and, because there has to be some blood on the carpet, he “blames” you - the supplier. There are a number of variables on which the business performs - or not - and often the easy route is to blame the supplier. The problem could lie in the creation of footfall or it could be that the display of the products is unacceptable or simply that the choices of product that he has made is not right.

The only thing that one can do in those circumstances is to let the storm ride and smile in the process. As frustrating as it is no argument will suffice and there is nothing one can do to revert the trend in the business and more specifically one’s products.  So the best thing is to walk away.

What some customers do is to recognise this and not place the onus solely on the supplier. Instead the person recognises that it is only one of the variables and analyses each of them instead. It is only when this is done that an objective analysis is carried out and one gets nearer the truth………..

Are we out of the woods yet?

If you read certain parts of the media it will tell you that retail sales are up, that inflation targets are being met and that overall growth in the economy is coming back. So, you might be excused for thinking that we are out of the woods and in the clear? Yet, I hear you say that it doesn’t feel like it and we still have to endure some more…….

As we turn and tussle debating what we are doing wrong and what we are doing right we need to realise that a number of elements are at play. The first is that we are all fish in a pond of economic turmoil and that we are particularly vulnerable to our markets – whatever they are. The second is that within our sectors, we might be more or less exposed to the web which is having a major impact. The third is that our personal performance might influence our performance.

So before you blame your suppliers or yourself you must realise that you are only a cog in the wheel………

Is Silver precious once again….?

Up until four years ago, the price of silver (and Gold) had been so low for so very long that many investors never ‘bothered’ with it. In fact, our dear Mr Gordon Brown as Chancellor of the Exchequer decided in 2004 it was time to get rid of the UK gold reserves at record low prices….However, since then the price of both Gold, and particularly Silver, has gone from strength to strength reaching historically record high levels in the last six months.

But this is not an economic review. This change in the price of precious metals will give precious metal jewellery a new lustre that had been missing for a very long time. In the UK silver jewellery had been under-appreciated for a very long time to the point that it was not perceived any better or more valuable than common Costume jewellery made of plastic and other man-made materials. Marjo Jewellery has a very broad range of plain as well as gem-stone jewellery in sterling silver. The classic style of the designs make this jewellery a perennial piece rather than a short term fashion burst. The important point is that as one searches for the proven designs that do sell, Marjo has a number of proven models. With silver being precious again, you will want to get those models right!

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