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Are we out of the woods yet?

If you read certain parts of the media it will tell you that retail sales are up, that inflation targets are being met and that overall growth in the economy is coming back. So, you might be excused for thinking that we are out of the woods and in the clear? Yet, I hear you say that it doesn’t feel like it and we still have to endure some more…….

As we turn and tussle debating what we are doing wrong and what we are doing right we need to realise that a number of elements are at play. The first is that we are all fish in a pond of economic turmoil and that we are particularly vulnerable to our markets – whatever they are. The second is that within our sectors, we might be more or less exposed to the web which is having a major impact. The third is that our personal performance might influence our performance.

So before you blame your suppliers or yourself you must realise that you are only a cog in the wheel………

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